Monday, August 31, 2009

Things to watch in tonight's game NOT named Brett Favre

Brett Favre in Minnesota Vikings Uniform on Sports Illustrated by Flickr user David Erickson used via a creative commons license.

Pity the Texans will you? Here they are on Monday Night Football Jr. (Now with 1/2 the clout on ESPN) formerly the 'spotlight game of the week' in the NFL and all the buzz for the game surrounds AARP quarterback Brett Favre.

Some of you might be thinking this is a bad thing. I, however, am prepared to argue the opposite: This is the best thing that could have possibly have happened to the Texans and let me tell you why....

1. THE Adrian Peterson. - Not only the best pure running back in the NFL (sorry LaDanian) but also one of the best in the business at running over D-lineman with poor leverage who are lacking in the strength department. (Which, if you haven't been paying attention, describes just about every person in the Texans front seven.) Normally this would be fodder for the MNF announcers, because of the Favre factor Peterson's 114 yards rushing in the first half will just be a blip on the radar screen.

2. The Texans Defensive Secondary - Look, I like Fred Bennett as much as the next guy. If he's starting for your team however at cornerback you've got some issues on the NFL level. For all of the negative chatter about Dunta Robinson, the fact remains that he is, by a wide margin, the Texans best DB on the roster. Jacque Reeves is a distant second, and he's hurt. At least Favre has a propensity to throw the ball directly to players wearing the opposing team's jersey from time to time. This could be the saving grace for the defense.

3. That whole Red Zone thing - Please don't tell me about how good the Texans are in the Red Zone this year. Not until we see actual evidence of it mmmKay? In the pre-season opener the Texans scored one Touchdown, and three field goals, marking the return of team MVP Kris Brown. Don't confuse Kris with a K with Chris with a CH now. Because Chris with a CH has a less than 50% chance of playing in 14 out of 16 games this year. Yet it's Chris with a CH on whose shoulders the Texans red-zone offensive hopes are riding. For the Texans to win consistently they have to start scoring touchdowns and stop settling for field goals. Minnesota has an above average defense....which means that the Texans had better to be ready to roll out ol #3.....with a K.

4. Coach Kubiak. - First thing, he's not Coach K so let's stop calling him that right here and now. Like him or not there's only one Coach K, and until Kubiak wins at some level he's not taking the name away. He could start however by winning a challenge. Or at least stop losing them. It would also help if he could lean how to call plays in the Red Zone that match his personnel. Last weekend I watched a running back named Darren Sproles find the end zone on a run that started around the 10 yard line. Last I checked he's no road-grater of a running back. Scoring in the Red Zone is about want to, blocking and play calling. It's fair to question the Texans in all three areas.

Local pundits are falling all over themselves telling us that last weekend was an aberration, that the Texans we saw last week aren't as bad as they looked, as a matter of fact, almost every MSM pundit is singing the same tune: A winning record and a playoff berth.

Unfortunately, we all remember what happened the last time Chron pundits were singing the playoff praises of this team. Yikes.

Prediction: - Ah, who cares, it's a pre-season game. The most important thing is to watch how the starters play.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Michigan Football 2009

September 1, 2007 by Flickr user Derrick S. used via a Creative Commons license.

It all started two years and two days ago with the biggest upset in College Football history. I remember the day well because I was sitting in an Austin sports bar, wearing a Michigan hat, and suffering the taunting barbs of UT-Austin fans, including one who, rather stupidly, suggested I stop rooting for the Wolverines and root for the Longhorns. Granted, the guy was drunk but still...It may be customary for Longhorn fans to abandon their teams after a loss but for me, pulling for Michigan has been a life-long pursuit.

No, I didn't attend Michigan and I have no ties to the University. I'm not a "rabid" fan, it's more of a rooting interest, and my world doesn't come to an end when Michigan loses. It's just football after all, but I've been a fan of the Maize and Blue for as long as I can remember. (The first football game I remember seeing was a Bo/Woody Wolverine/Buckeye affair that cemented my affection for the Wolverines.) Oddly enough, my wife of 11 years is a die-hard Ohio State fan, having spent part of her youth living in Ohio, and being shaped by the football mania in that area.

Unfortunately, that loss shrouded what turned out to be a fairly successful season, one in which the Wolverines beat the Tim Tebow-led Florida Gators in Citrus Bowl. By that time the damage was done however, and Coach Lloyd Carr had to go. In his place (in a panic move?) Michigan hired Rich Rodriguez away from West Virginia in an attempt to 'modernize' the program and install a fancy new-fangled 'spread' offense to defeat the quick new teams that have been giving old-school teams such as Michigan fits during recent years. (FULL DISCLOSURE: At the time I was not a fan of the Rodriguez hire, and I'm still not convinced he's the guy, especially after recent allegations)

With that being said I'm not sure die-hard Michigan fans are going to accept another non-bowl season, I'm also not sure Michigan is going to have the talent necessary to make a post-season appearance.

Without Further Ado:

Week 1: Western Michigan University - When you're struggling, it's always a good idea to go directional. Western Michigan is talented offensively, Michigan will be starting a ton of underclassmen and has a defense under a new coordinator that's untested. Yikes.
Prediction: WMU 24 UM 21

Week 2: Notre Dame University - They say that in a rivalry game you can throw out the record books. Not here. Notre Dame is going to be in a bowl this year, the Wolverines won't.
Prediction: ND 38 UM 10

Week 3: Eastern Michigan University - When you're struggling, it's always a good idea to go directional. This time the Wolverines get it right against weak competition. Still, after an 0-2 start the faithful are starting to howl.
Prediction: UM 27 EMU 17

Week 4: University of Indiana - The worst team in the Big Ten travels to the home of the second worst team in the Big Ten. And no, I'm not speaking of Northwestern. Ugly football.
Prediction: UM 17 IU 14

Week 5: @ Michigan State University - No one likes losing to their Intra-state rivals, which is why Michigan fans won't like this game.
Prediction: MSU 31 UM 17

Week 6: @ University of Iowa - Unfortunately you can't blame this one on that pink locker room. It's going to have more to do with the anemic Michigan offense and spotty defense.
Prediction: IU 27 UM 14

Week 7: Delaware State University - Football Law #1: If you can, always schedule a guaranteed winner on your Homecoming. Mission Accomplished via Div 1-AA (none of that FCS BS here).
Prediction: UM 42 DSt 10

Week 8: Penn State University - After D State the Nittany Lions are going to look like an NFL team. They're going to roll the Wolverines like they're one as well.
Prediction: PSU 38 UM 3

Week 9: @ Illinois University - The Fighting Illini are physically gifted, and poorly coached. It is the Zooker after all. That being said they'll have enough to beat the Wolverines at home.
Prediction: IU 31 UM 28

Week 10: Purdue University - By now the faithful are carping and things are not coming up roses in the Big House. A win is desperately needed, the Boilermakers are willing to play the foil.
Prediction: UM 24 PU 23

Week 11: @ Wisconsin University - Now needing two wins to make it to a bowl game the Wolverines' post-season hopes come crashing to the ground at Camp Randall. The carping is now in full voice.
Prediction: WU 28 UM 17

Week 12: The Ohio State University - For the sixth straight year, my wife has bragging rights in the house. It's gotten so bad I can't even put up a spirited defense any longer. The longest winning streak in this rivalry is Michigan's 9 straight from 1901-1909, Ohio State could break this if the Wolverines don't get their act together.
Prediction: OSU 38 UM 3

Final Record: 4-8 (T-8th Big Ten)

I've never wanted to be more incorrect about a prediction than I am on this one, but I just can't look at the schedule, a team that's already questioning its coach, and the youth that's all over the two-deep and come away with any scenario that gets the Wolverines into a bowl game.

Even though I'm not a fan of Rodriguez, I hope that Wolverine fans at least give him four years to try and turn things around. A knee-jerk reaction that leads to his ouster, and starting from scratch again, could damage the program for a decade or more.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rice Football 2009

Hands, originally uploaded by AlphaTangoBravo / Adam Baker.

2008 was a Banner year for the Owls. Not only did they finish the season 10-3 after a 38-14 win over Western Michigan in the Texas Bowl, but they also had their most heralded group of Seniors in many years, with Jarrett Dillard and James Casey fighting for roster spots. (The latter with the Houston Texans).

In 2009, unfortunately, I'm having trouble finding 6 wins to get the Owls into their third bowl game in four years...

Week 1 - @ University of Alabama-Birmingham - Even though they're re-tooling, the baby Owls should still have enough to beat a down UAB.
Prediction: Rice 24 UAB 17

Week 2 - @ Texas Tech - Rice hung with Tech last year for one half. Expect the same this year before Tech's talent takes over.
Prediction: Tech 47 Rice 21

Week 3: @ Oklahoma State - Okie State is going to be one of the best teams in the Country this year. That's about all you need to know. Drink heavy Owls fans, this one's going to hurt.
Prediction: OSU 56 Rice 14

Week 4: Vanderbilt - If Vandy was a C-USA team they'd win the conference. Since they're SEC, not so much. That being said they'll handle the Owls.
Prediction: Vandy 24 Owls 10

Week 5: Tulsa - Tulsa will challenge Houston for the C-USA West. Rice is already thinking about next year.
Prediction: Tulsa 52 Rice 17

Week 6: Navy - Give the Midshipmen credit, those guys can run.
Prediction: Navy 34 Rice 13

Week 7: @ East Carolina - Physically ECU resembles an SEC team. Rice does not.
Prediction: ECU 31 Rice 7

Week 8: University of Central Florida - A win for the battered Owls before a much needed off week.
Prediction: Rice 24 UCF 21

Week 9: Bye Week

Week 10: @ Southern Methodist University - After what they did to SMU, the NCAA will never hand out the death penalty again.
Prediction: Rice 17 SMU 3

Week 11: University of Tulane - So what's Tulane's excuse? They didn't get the death penalty?
Prediction: Rice 24 Tulane 17

Week 12: University of Texas-El Paso - After playing SMU and Tulane, UTEP's going to feel like a pro team.
Prediction: UTEP 58 Rice 10

Week 13: @ University of Houston - Against potentially the best offense in C-USA, the Owls season mercifully comes to an end.
Prediction: UH 48 Rice 21

Final Record: 4-8

Sorry Owl fans, I really would like to make you 6-6, but I just can't find the wins against this schedule, with all that you're going to be replacing. Consider this a rebuilding year.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Texas Combative Sports Commission's Bad Day

The Great Prize Fight for $2000 between Bradley and Rankin by flickr user Library Company of Philadelphia used via a creative commons license.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation blew it on Saturday evening.

Put Simply: The judging in the Malinaggi/Diaz fight was atrocious.

I say this as a huge fan of Juan "Baby Bull" Diaz who had a rooting interest for him winning. As a matter of fact, I deviated from my typical method of scoring a fight (watching the fight with video only, no sound) and watched the fight a second time with the sound on to try and take crowd-noise into consideration. My cards?

Card 1: Malinaggi 115 Diaz 113
Card 2: Malinaggi 115 Diaz 114

In both cases I had Malinaggi barely pulling out a win, but that's with the advantage of multiple angles, HBO cameras and HD. A judge, while there, is faced with only one good angle, and a certain amount of guesswork.

That being said judge Gayle Van Hoy's 118-110 scorecard in favor of Diaz is inexcusable in its degree of wrong. That's 10 rounds to 2 in favor of Diaz. If you saw the fight you know how impossible that scorecard is.

Unfortunately the East-coast dominated boxing media is skewing its opinions too far toward New York. The 115-113 Diaz scorebard of judge Raul Caiz is entirely reasonable. It was a close fight and an argument can be made that Diaz won. I won't agree with it, but I could defend it. (Especially after watching the fight the second time, when I included a 10/10 round on my card).

The real point here is that Texas' Combative Sports regulation is pathetic. Obviously some updated legislation strengthening the regulatory agency and some new leadership is in order.

Here are some items that need changing:

1. Disallow promotor selection and hiring of judges. - The regulating board should hire all of the judges and the referee. There should be no bias on the part of the official selection process.

2. Add a $1 ticket tax to combative sports events to pay for the commission. - It also should pay for fight judges and officials (subsidized by a portion of the promoters licensing fee).

3. Adopt strict, new rules for judge selection. - If there is a hometown advantage, then every fight should have a judge from each fighter's home region, and one neutral judge from a different region of the country.

4. Standardized judges review - In the case of Von Hoy. His judgement should be open to review and explenation of the rounds he gave to Diaz.

5. Cut-man certification. - Cut-men should be licensed and regulated, after all they're providing medical triage services, they should have some basic competency. (although not a medical degree).

Last Saturday's fight was a black-eye for combative sports in Texas. There's a lot of money to be made by having a strong fighting commission in place and actively bringing fights to the State.

The next Lege should seriously consider creating one, and Rick Perry should really consider making changes at the top of the current one.

The Texans Bad Day

Drop the Ball by Flickr user rkimplejr used via a creative commons license.

So Saturday was bad, real bad. Not only did the Texans seemingly lose the fight during the scrimmage, but their defensive reputation was the real loser in Saturday's 38-14 drubbing by the New Orleans Saints. A drubbing that I believe will be very telling regarding the Texans 2009-2010 season.

- The Defensive backfield: Let's just be honest here: They're not that good. Slow to react and unsure of themselves on the field the DB's for the Texans would not be on the roster for almost any other NFL team. (We exclude the Lions, although they probably wouldn't start.) This is a bigger problem than can be solved by the return of Dunta Robinson. It's a roster issue across the board in the defensive backfield that's not going away anytime soon. Especially when you consider....

- The Defensive line: That's right. Unless they do something in free agency the Texans are going to have to do something in the draft to shore up defensive tackle. Okoye gets pushed around more than a shopping cart on Saturday, and Travis Johnson is one step away from being out of the league entirely. Bust after Bust after Bust.

- Cushing's knee: What was originally listed as a 2-3 week thing is now offically listed as "out indefinately". Way to draft the wrong USC LB there Texans. How long before the sports section over at the Chron owns up to the fact that this guy is a walking triage?

I've got some confidence that the Offense is going to be average at least, above-average if everything falls correctly. Kris Brown's stats will tell you the health of Chris Brown, the latter is going to be a good barometer as to the overall health of the offense. If CB goes down, then KB becomes the team's MVP for yet another year. And Andre Johnson faces down the reality of missing the playoffs yet again.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time Out

(2007 California Vacation by Flickr user akeg used and altered according to the terms of a creative commons license)

Engines will be at "all stop" until Monday at the earliest as my wife and I leave town in celebration of 11 years of marriage.

Until that time there's plenty of good stuff to read on the sidebar and my twitter account should be buzzing with pictures/updates etc.

Have a great weekend.

University of Houston 2009-2010 Football outlook

(Image via Flickr user used via a creative commons license)

The good news, for Houston Cougar fans, is that I foresee the Cougars playing in a bowl this year. The bad news is that I don't think it will be the Liberty Bowl. It most certainly won't be a B(C)S bowl, at least not this year.

The reason for my concern is defense. Namely, the baby Coogs are talented, but green. For Cougar fans intent on reviving the silly "mad dogs" defensive moniker a more appropriate tag might be "mad puppy" this year. They've got some experience at linebacker and in the defensive backfield, but overall this defense is going to be young. Were the schedule not so front-loaded this wouldn't be such an important issue.

Offensively expect more of the same from Houston. They return all of their key skill-position players a year older and more familiar with coach Kevin Sumlin's system. Keenum and Beall should have huge years. For the most inspiring story Google Patrick Edwards to see what that young man is coming back from (warning: not for the faint of heart).

The Schedule:

Week 1: Northwestern State Robertson Stadium - Northwestern State isn't expected to beat Sam Houston State this year. Go tailgate, drink heavy and don't worry about falling asleep during the second half. This game will be long over by then.
Prediction: UH 47 NWSt 3

Week 2: Oklahoma State Stillwater, OK - The Pokes have too much firepower and just enough defense to win a shootout. Should be televised locally for those of you who don't want to travel to Stillwater. For those of you that do? Stop by Eskimo Joes.
Prediction: OkSt 52 UH 35

Week 3: Bye week. The Cougars will need it.

Week 4: Texas Tech Robertson Stadium - It would have been better for the Cougars to get Captain Leach and the Tortilla Pirates in game 1 or 2, before they get the timing down on that offense. As it is Houston should be on the downside of another shootout. Make sure to search Tech fans before they enter the stadium.
Prediction: Tech 42 UH 28

Week 5: University of Texas - El Paso, El Paso,TX - A week after chasing the Tortilla Pirates around UH gets the high-flying offense of the Miners. After this game UH's defense could be the among the lowest rated in the Country and still look pretty good.
Prediction: UTEP 35 UH 32

Week 6: Mississippi St., Starkville, MS - Finally, an offense that doesn't resemble an air-raid. Miss. St. is a physical, middle-of-the-road SEC team that UH should outrun. Expect pathetic "S-E-C" chants from Bulldog fans when they find themselves down in the 4th quarter.
Prediction: UH 42 Miss St 17

Week 7: Tulane: New Orleans, LA - Basically a glorified scrimmage for the Cougars as Tulane has been terrible the last few years and is showing little signs of improvement. I predict the defense starts to "get it" this week.
Prediction: UH 38 Tulane 3

Week 8: SMU: Robertson Stadium - After three weeks on the road this home game is going to be raucous (by UH standards that is). At this point the team's record might turn some off, but good things are on the horizon.
Prediction: UH 52 SMU 17

Week 9: Southern Mississippi: Robertson Stadium - Now on TV. This has the potential to be one of the games of the year in C-USA. It won't be. Defense gets it, and the offense is too good.
Prediction: UH 38 USM 14

Week 10: University of Tulsa: Tulsa OK. - This will be the game of the year in C-USA, at least in the Western division. Tulsa needs a QB, and that should propel the Cougars to the win.
Prediction: UH 47 TU 45

Week 11: University of Central Florida: Orlando, FL - After reeling off five straight the Cougars are confident, and just better than UCF. You'll have to listen to the radio to keep up with this game however, or on the ticker below whatever, more compelling, game you're watching on TV.
Prediction: UH 49 UCF 21

Week 12: Memphis, Robertson Stadium - Now your Cougars are on a roll. The Freshman aren't playing like Freshman any longer and the offense and defense are clicking on all cylinders. Memphis is supposed to be better this year, but still not good enough. And besides, Sumlin > Briles(who couldn't figure out how to consistently beat the Tigers)
Prediction: UH 42 UM 17

Week 13: Rice, Robertson Stadium - Ah the rivalry game that UH doesn't want to admit as a rivalry. Too bad too, because Rice is regaining respectability. Fortunately for Cougars fans the Owls lost too much last year. If UH is motivated (and they should be because the Western Championship should be on the line) then this game shouldn't be close.
Prediction: UH 42 Rice 10

Overall Regular Season Record: 9-3 1st place C-USA West.

I'll talk more about the C-USA championship game in a later post. For now though I think its safe to say that the Cougar train is starting to pick up some momentum. Here's the deal. I think this team is two years away from being really good. As in: "potential B(C)S Buster/undefeated record" good. What this means is that the new AD had better start to get his succession plans squared away for when the big colleges come after Sumlin. Having a coach on staff to take over the reins only makes sense for non-B(C)S programs who are going to have their coaches snapped up by big programs if they have success. As a matter of fact, I'd make it something that was contractual.

If you look at the sucess of the big non-B(C)S schools such as Boise State and Texas Christian you see a "system" in place that carries on well after the original coach that led them to prominence is gone. UH had better start thinking about that now. I've every confidence that Kevin Sumlin would be more honorable than was Art Briles when he leaves, but you still need to have a plan in place for recruiting etc.

After a rough start this should be a fun year Cougar fans, how long these winning ways last is up to your new AD.

1560 The Game to Carry OU Football

Fortunately, OU football fans will have a home this Fall. 1560 The Game announced this morning that they will carry the full slate of OU football games for the 2009-2010 season this morning on the John and Lance Morning Show.

As you can imagine, response from UT-Austin fans (many of whom probably never attended the school) was rapid and hostile.

For the rest of us, those who don't think the world revolves around a football program whose players can't keep out of jail or a mid-level program with delusions of grandeur, the news is a welcome addition to the local radio scene.

Maybe Houston radio broadcast teams could learn a thing or two from The Sooners broadcast team on how to call a game?

I know, it's asking a lot but can hope.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Frightening Pre-Season Thought #1

The Texans Red Zone offensive success this season rides on the oft-injured shoulders of one Chris Brown.

Amazingly, none of the media seem to be troubled by this fact.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bud Adams: Houston's Football Savior?

In case you missed Sports Sunday on KPRC last night with Randy McIlvoy let me give you a quick synopsis.

Mark VanDerMeer is incapable of offering credible opinion on the State of the Texans.

Bud Adams feels he's personally responsible for the success of sports in Houston.

You read that second one correctly. It seems that Bud Adams love potion is spreading, this being the 50th Anniversiary of the AFL and the professional sports media pretty much mailing it in these days.

As it was I about fell out of my chair when ol' Bud took credit for the Texans, Astros and Rockets all having new stadiums. Really? Listening to Bud tell it what he did was for the Good of Houstonians, and not his pocketbook as we have obviously believed erroneously these last 10 or so years.

And hey, naysayers, lest you doubt Bud's affection for the city of Houston. Bud's still employing 900 Houstonians, wants people to forget Lamar Hunt (and the Chron's John McClain is going to help in this endeavor) and still promotes the good of Houston whenever he has a chance. Just make sure that football conversation or Houston taxpayers aren't involved. Then Bud sings a different tune. Besides, Houston really wasn't happy with that stodgy ol' Astrodome, especially not after the big score-board was taken away. (Oh...wait...nevermind)

As an Oiler fan Bud Adams is dead to me, and there's nothing he can say to convince me otherwise. Seeing the Titans wearing the Houston Oilers uniforms (and rookie Britt wearing a "Property of Houston Oilers" T-shirt on the sidelines) just felt wrong. It's almost as if the NFL is allowing Bud to rub our noses in it for not building for him what we had to build for Bob McNair.

And that's what Bud Adams doesn't understand. We may have built the Texans their glorious new playpen, but in the process we had to lose the Oilers, a team that meant an awful lot to those of us who grew up rooting for them. The Titans? No connection whatsoever, they're a division rival, no more, no less. I'd rather the Texans lose to them then the Colts or the Jaguars any day of the week.

My only consolation in this is that the Titans are stuck trying to figure out what to do with Vince Young while the Texans are not. Vince is your problem now Bud, enjoy that.

I realize this is all just the part of a movement to get Bud in the HOF. The thing about Houston media, especially the Chronicle, is this: They are more than ready to let by-gones be by-gones provided they get to bask in the reflected glory of someone with even tenuous ties to Houston. Don't believe me? Beyonce, the Next Food Network Star you name it. If someone receiving an award so much as had an extended layover at IAH the Chron is ready to claim them. As is KPRC.

They can have him, Bud Adams that is, because as far as I'm concerned he's a citizen of Tennessee now, if he goes into the HOF it shouldn't be as an Oiler, but as a Tennessee Titan.

The Oilers are dead now anyways, I think last night's telecast finally killed them off permanently in my mind.


John Royal, Houston Press Hair Balls]

Friday, August 07, 2009

Football Friday (Part II)

Image from Ryan Holloman obtained through Creative Commons

Michael Crabtree is an idiot.

As a 49'er fan I hope he goes on to be an unpaid idiot, who gets drafted next year somewhere in the 4th round. Every NFL Rookie should play for two years at the NFL minimum. After that time is up they can negotiate a long-term deal with their current team or be turned loose and immediately become a free agent. "Pay before Play" is crap.

Football Friday (Part 1)

Finally, Football.

After weeks of starting, and then deleting, ANOTHER post about the Houston Astros or how ESPN has an East Coast bias or about overly bouyant swimsuits we can finally get down to a sport I enjoy writing about that's not Futbol.

The off-season is hard, because I'm not terribly equipped to do hard research, and well...fantasy projections are about as boring to me as my political blog is to you. But actual on-the-field football however, including season predictions, are about as fun as it gets.

I realize the old saying is "predictions are for fools" and if that's the case then you can call me a football predicting fool. Do I expect to be 'correct'? I don't know, because there's a lot of stuff that might happen during a season, injuries, hurricanes, that I can't foresee that could throw everything out of wack. Then there's the "give up" factor that occurs with some teams late in a failed season that totally changes the dynamic of a schedule.

When you DO get it right however, that's when picking games is fun.

With that in mind the crack staff at 3CB (myself and a bottle of bourbon) are going to put forth our predictions for the following teams over the next few days:

1. The University of Houston Cougars. - They're going first because they are (sorta') my alma mater (UH-Downtown to be exact) and I feel obligated to give them the hole-shot. (Cute baby, terrible fight song)

2. Georgia - Glory, Glory to ol' Georgia! One of my favorite College Football team and one that I've got no connection to whatsoever. That being said I've pulled for the Bulldogs since I was very young.

3. Oklahoma State - My Grandfather's Alma Mater and another of my favorites. Neither I (nor my late Grandfather) was a big fan of the Gundy hiring, I still pull for OSU against pretty much everyone.

4. LSU - To be honest, I just like the football environment at LSU. I typically pull for them in the SEC unless they are playing Georgia.

5. The Big XII - Since I live in Texas, I'll make some predictions on the conference. Outside of Okie State however I've got no rooting interest except that Art Briles loses. (I was not a Briles fan when he coached at UH FWIW. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons I lost interest in the Cougars is due to Briles brand of Ole' defense and the way he handled the team. Sumlin is slowly winning back my interest.) My money however? Nope, not from this (sorta) alum. Too many burnt bridges.

6. Michigan. - Because, really, when you get down to it Football in my house is all about The University of Michigan vs. The Ohio State University. Yes, the Maize and Blue have fallen on hard times of late and the entire Country is getting a big yuk out of their being the whuppin' boys for Appelachian State and Dayton. These things take time and I still think Rich Rodriguez is the guy to bring Michigan back to prominence. Yes, I would have preferred to have Harbaugh wearing the headphones but that's OK. Michigan will be back eventually and all will be well. (just maybe not this year)

Heck, I might even get to recording that oft promised pod cast this season. I'm ready for some College Football.

Oh, and to keep peace in the household....
(Posted under duress) Good fight song though