Sunday, November 28, 2010

Houston Texans: We know this

On the heels of their 20-0 shellacking of the Titan's B team.

The Texans can beat the bad teams, but lose to the good teams. Pretty much the epitome of average....

Andre Johnson vs. Courtland Finnegan would end via KO in the first round, Johnson over Finnegan.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Think about this.....

LSU is closer to TCU than TCU is to Oregon in the latest round of B(C)S standings.

My prediction: If LSU wins out they'll jump over both an undefeated TCU and Boise St. to play an undefeated Oregon in the Championship Game.

7-9 could be optimistic.

At the beginning of the Football season my official pick for the Texans was 8-8. This was after several weeks of hovering around 7-9.

After today's debacle 8-8 is unlikely, and 7-9 appears to be iffy as well....

Let's look at the remaining schedule:

Week 11: @ NY Jets - L. The Jets have one of the best teams in the NFL, the Texans are mediocre. You do the math. 4-6

Week 12: Tennessee Titans - L. The Titans could have the best team in the division this year. Vince Young will start, he'll beat the team in the 4th QTR. And I haven't even mentioned Randy Moss yet, who could have 300 yards receiving against this pathetic D backfield. 4-7

Week 13: @Philadelphia Eagles - L. Mike Vick is playing lights out right now, and that defense is pretty good. Add to that a short week and a Texans team coming off what is always a hard-hitting division game and you have six losses in a row. 4-8

Week 14: Baltimore Ravens - L. Yes, the Texans have a long week to prepare, but the Ravens will be in desperation mode while the Texans will have already passed the breaking point. Amazingly, the media will still be saying there's a chance. 4-9

Week 15: @ Tennessee Titans - L. See above. 4-10

Week 16: @ Denver Broncos - W. Since nothing will be on the line I fully expect many Texans (Amobi Okoye, Mario Williams, Jacoby Jones) to play their best games of the season. As such, with nothing to play for they'll win. As usual. 5-10

Week 17: Jacksonville Jaguars - W. I have no reason for calling this a win other than that (as we saw today) the two teams are pretty even, and I think the Texans should beat them at home. 6-10

That's right: 6-10. That's the most probable finish for this team right now. Yes they could do better, but the could do worse as well. Most pundits, coming into this game, saw the two against the Jaguars as wins and the two against the Titans to be a home/home split. Of course, those picks were made with the assumption the Texans are on par with the Colts and Titans. We know now this isn't true, they're on par with the Jaguars, at the bottom of the Division.

One final thought: The "most unlucky team in the world" meme being pushed by Richard Justice, Jerome Solomon and John McClain of ChronBlog is just bad analysis. If you don't believe me, consider this paragraph from McClain's news piece on the loss:
Counting the Hail Mary, the Jaguars bombarded the NFL’s worst defense for 491 yards, including 342 passing by Garrard. Jones-Drew generated 100 of the 165 yards rushing.
The Texans defense is historically bad, the offense plays in fits and starts, often going off-script on play-calling (supposedly Kubiak's specialty) their special teams are dodgy at best, sub-standard if you're being honest, and they're poorly coached to boot. The team has spent Millions of dollars on defensive linemen and they have one of the worst pass rushes in the NFL. They've drafted defensive backs, and they have one of the worst passing defenses in history. It's not luck, it's suck.

The Texans suck. It really is that simple.