Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bye Roy...

Have a cheese steak for me would ya?

On the surface this looks like a good deal for both teams. Philly gets an ace for a (hopefully) deep playoff run, and a staff anchor for next year, the Astros get younger, and more arms in the system. They also get a solid #2 starter in Happ that shows the potential to be around for many years.

Now, if the 'Stros could just find a sucker trading partner for Lee and a team needing Berkman we'd be onto something.

Until then, this is a good start.

Monday, July 26, 2010

38 days and counting.

September 2nd.

Mark it down, stock up the beer fridge and get ready to roll because College Football is just over a month away.

Also, Download and print out your helmet schedule, circle the big games and make your plans now.

Some early thoughts: (With much more to come later)

1. This could be Georgia's year. Some say, for Mark Richt's sake, it had BETTER be Georgia's year.

2. Michigan goes to a bowl, or Coach Rod needs to be shown the way out of the door. First step: Beat UConn.

3. Other coaches on the hot seat: Les Miles, Mike Gundy. Prediction: Neither will be coaching their respective teams in 2012.

4. The Pre-Season Top 25 isn't going to mean much this year. Too many teams have questions and turn-over.

5. Most over-rated: Florida. Now that the chosen one is gone they're going to have to re-vamp their entire offense. Good defense, no points.

3CB ready.