Friday, March 28, 2008

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Received this via e-mail today:

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

News Flash: Governor likes strawberries!!!

File this under stupid press releases...

(from PR-net)
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ben Weider met at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Classic in Columbus, OH, where the Governor held up a copy of Weider's newly published book, The Wars Against Napoleon: Debunking the Myth of the Napoleonic Wars, by authors General Michel Franceschi and Ben Weider and published by Savas Beatie LLC.

Governor Schwarzenegger organizes yearly the Arnold Schwarzenegger Bodybuilding Classic ( Every year he selects an outstanding individual and honors him for his contribution to health, fitness, and bodybuilding.

This year, Governor Schwarzenegger selected Ben Weider, who is the Founder and Honorary Lifetime President of the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness ( Ben Weider is also the president of The International Napoleonic Society (

Governor Schwarzenegger presented Weider with The Lifetime Achievement Award in front of 5,000 cheering fans. When asked about his opinion of Governor Schwarzenegger, Ben Weider replied, "Arnold Schwarzenegger is indeed one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. His perseverance, charming personality, and ability to solve problems and achieve results are what make him an outstanding individual."

Governor Schwarzenegger is also interested in history and was pleased when Ben Weider, a Napoleonic historian, signed a copy of his new book entitled The Wars Against Napoleon: Debunking the Myth of the Napoleonic Wars (

"I have read The Wars Against Napoleon, and I liked it," announced Governor Schwarzenegger.

Popular and scholarly history presents a one-dimensional image of Napoleon as an inveterate instigator of war who repeatedly sought large scale military conquests. General Franceschi and Weider dismantle this false conclusion in The Wars Against Napoleon. Publishers Weekly called the book "Provocative . . . revisionist . . . and controversial." According to Library Journal, "The authors argue strongly, persuasively, and intellectually for what is, essentially, the other side of the usual story. They will surely provoke debate within the historical community wherever there is interest in this period. Recommended for all libraries adding to their Napoleonic collections."

Weider explains that his and Franceschi's long persuasive essay turns our understanding of the French emperor on its head. "Napoleon's desire to spread 'liberty, fraternity and equality' to all citizens of France, and then to all citizens of countries that were occupied by the French Army, is what gained my respect and interest in Napoleon and the period in which he lived," explained Weider.


NOTE: I did not alter this in any manner. The press release was reproduced as written.

NFL Star sues supplement company

It was bound to happen...

(From Brent Schrotenboer of the San Diego Union-Tribune)
Athletes who fail drug tests these days often give the same excuse:
“It wasn't my fault. I didn't know my vitamins were tainted with steroids.”

To skeptics, it sounds like a schoolboy claiming that his dog ate his homework.

But recently many athletes have been taking their arguments to court to prove they mean it – often with successful results.

The latest attempt came Friday in San Diego Superior Court, where former San Diego State and NFL running back Femi Ayanbadejo filed suit against a Nevada supplement company and local distributor. Ayanbadejo tested positive for a steroidal substance last year, leading to a four-game suspension and his release by the Arizona Cardinals and Chicago Bears.

“I took a supplement that had a banned substance in it that was not listed on the bottle,” Ayanbadejo said yesterday. “I know a lot of guys have been using that excuse. But I said from the beginning that I was going to sue the company and make sure that whoever was responsible would face the music.”

If his claims are true then I hope he wins the suit and the company in question is fined severely. The fight to keep supplements legal is going to involve holding company's feet to the fire regarding accurate label claims.