Thursday, July 28, 2005

Echinacea a hoax?

If you believe the study released today by the New England Journal of Medicine it appears that the efficacy of this herb is in question.

The study is hardly applicable to the real world, as the subjects spent 5 days in a sequestered setting, but they are negative enough to suggest that further study is needed in relation to this herb.

The only issue that I take with the whole study is the certainty of the scientists that their results are conclusive:

The results of this study indicate that extracts of E. angustifolia root, either alone or in combination, do not have clinically significant effects on infection with a rhinovirus or on the clinical illness that results from it.

Note: it proves that in a sequestered setting, with presumeably little physical activity.

Big difference between that setting, and the immunosuppresion drivers in the bodybuilding lifestyle.