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Presumptuous Blogging: Things you should (Or shouldn't) read. (08/09/2017)

Yesterday ESPN changed ESPNU to ESPN 8 "The Ocho" 13 years too late.

And I missed it.

If Patrick Wants to Demonize Cities, Should he Enjoy their Amenities? Lisa Falkenberg. ($$$) - Where the former teen columnists makes a juvenile argument against Dan "The Man Who Would be King" Patrick.

I'm no fan of Patrick, but criticism such as this just isn't helpful.  It's clear here that Patrick's criticism is leveled solidly at the Democratic ruling classes of big cities, not the people that live in them.  Flip this around a bit and you'll see how stupid this argument is: "If Lisa Falkenberg wants to Demonize Trump's America, should she be allowed to live in it?"  These are arguments that children, not serious political thinkers, make.

Houston Should Make Batteries to Continue as Global Energy Capitol. Chris Tomlinson. ($$$) - It's a blessing that these are hidden behind the paywall, because there is some dodgy logic here.

With each column he writes it becomes pretty obvious that Austin-based Chris Tomlinson is not really a "business columnist", in fact he doesn't really "get" business at all.  He especially doesn't understand the energy industry and shouldn't really write about it.  1950's style manufacturing of batteries is NOT going to keep Houston at the cutting edge of energy. Nor is the oil and gas industry all that likely to go away even IF the personal transportation fleet moves to electrical.  Petroleum, lest we forget, is necessary for plastics manufacturing and natural gas, lest we forget, is key to cheap energy production.  Houston's going to be just fine.

Sylvester Turner's Salary far Exceeds Mayoral Colleagues. Charles Blain, Empower Texans. - It's GOOD to be in Houston's ruling class.

Turner, a career back-bench legislator in State politics, waited his whole life to become Mayor of Houston and his limitations are on increasing display.  Cronyism, fealty to long-time political patrons and a dearth of actual ideas are defining his administration.

Fit Mom Maria Kang criticizes plus-size model Tess Holiday on body positivity. Yahoo! - Ugly people bickering with uglier people.

We often make the mistake of judging beauty based solely on physical appearance. What we often forget is that one's attitude, and how we generally treat people is a better indicator.  From this perspective this spat is a bunch of ugly people screaming at one another for attention.  We should not give it to them. (In fact, I will not mention them again, only to point this out).  In fact, It's high-time we stop paying attention to ANYONE who is famous simply for being famous. (Good bye Kardashians, and anyone whose career is "Instagram Model")

Scientists fear Trump will dismiss blunt Climate Change Report. Lisa Friedman, NY Times - WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!

The problem with the entire climate change 'movement' is that they don't actually have any workable ideas how to 'fix' an intractable issue, they just want taxes, more money for 'research' and lump-sum cash payments to Al Gore's investment group.  My novel idea is this:  Instead of trying to figure out how to "prevent" something over which we likely have negligible control we had damn-sure better start figuring out how to DEAL with the problem.  I'll say it again: Pollution is a good place to start, because I'm more worried about it than I am Climate Change.

Lena Dunham and Google Demonstrate why our Free Speech Culture is Slipping Away. David French. National Review. - Except that neither of these issues really involves free speech.

"Congress shall make no law". Notice that it didn't say "Google" or "Very bad people who are famous for writing a television show of dubious quality".  What speech private companies choose to police from their employees is NOT a free speech issue. Lena Dunham making up a story about two American Airlines employees having a transphobic talk (as people do) and reporting it to their employer is NOT a free speech issue. Do I agree with Google or Dunham?  Of course not. Google is a damn menace and Dunham is an ugly (see above) mean-spirited liar.

and finally.....

Tillerson: Trump's 'tough talk' aims to send a message to North Korea. Doina Chiacu, US News & World Report - Fighting back against Un.

For some reason (my theory, they're functional idiots) many Democrats in elected positions have suddenly discovered the North Korea issue and are trying to erase 50 some-odd years of erratic behavior to make it seem as if Trump is the root cause of all this.  Lest we forget, Obama speant 8 years ignoring the issue and the US has been overall clueless how to deal with the world's premier "rogue state" since the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement.  Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it and all of that jazz.  We are truly governed by the least among us and I'm afraid it's going to jump up and bite us in the ass.

Then again, we get the government we deserve....

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Presumptuous Blogging (Things you should, or shouldn't read) 08/01/2017

It's been almost eight months since I've taken a deep-dive into the media of the moment. Given the amount of mis-information that's floating around right now I think it's time to, once again, cut through the clutter.

Big Oil, Houston Execs, Urge Governor to Flush Bathroom Bill. Mike Ward et al. HoustonChronicle ($$$) - This is your almost daily reminder that the TLSPM HATES Big Oil and Big Business, unless they don't.

The fact is that the debate around the so-called "bathroom bill" has become an unhealthy obsession for many. Not only are Patrick's Potty Principles probably unneeded, but they're being actively argued against by the 'other side' in dishonest terms.  I'm not a fan of the bill but I don't think it's necessarily a 'hate bill' either.  People who say that are just as silly as the people pushing the bill as some milestone of public safety.  A more sober analysis would suggest to let the bill die and allow the free market to work it out. Already there are some companies choosing to allow anyone to choose any bathroom they wish with mixed results.

What if the South had won the Civil War? USA Today - This would be the only way the South could rise again.  On television.

This is a story that I would like to be told.  I think it would be interesting and thought-provoking. Unfortunately I'm worried that both American Society and the American Ruling Class are not mature enough to have it told to them.  We already live in a world where people look to entertainers for political guidance, a move that is as stupid as many of the actors themselves.  We have a long history in this World of confusing the ability to play a role with actual subject knowledge. 

Why I will not become a Democrat. Chris Ladd, Forbes - A good piece that outlines pretty much everything wrong with the Democratic Party.

I'm not a historic fan of Ladd, who spent most of his time railing on Republicans BEFORE they went off the rails and only seems somewhat reasonable now when they've actually gone off the rails in a wave of populism and authoritarian leanings.  That said, I agree with him on two points: 1. A thinking conservative cannot, in good conscious, follow THIS GOP. 2. A thinking conservative cannot, under any circumstances, align themselves with a Democratic Party who, in many ways, is even worse.  I'm unsure where the safe landing zone is however.  So for now I'm nothing more than a non-voting observer.

Top Venezuelan Opposition Leaders Taken Into Custody Amid Fears of Wider Crackdowns. Anthony Faiola, Washington Post - This is what REAL Authoritarianism looks like.

I posted, much earlier in the year, that the USA was an authoritarian country, by that I meant that what the citizenry really wants is to have their ideals forced on others.  What we're seeing in Venezuela is real, jack-boot authoritarianism of the type the courtesan class in America only imagines for itself.  The next time you hear a functional-idiot politician screaming about American authoritarianism from the Trump administration show them this and send them back to their room.

Defund Planned Parenthood? Texas Shows What Happens. Vernon Loeb, HoustonChronicle ($$$) - That's all well and good except that the article doesn't make the case Loeb thinks it does.

All Loeb demonstrates is that Planned Parenthood is hurt when they lose Federal Funding. The "other" clinics that closed were not affected by that in the slightest, and it's disingenuous to suggest that a non-PP clinic closing is any kind of a direct result of a PP defunding.  The idea that "what's bad for PP is bad for Texas" is a tenuous theory with no evidence that has been solidly swallowed by the TLSPM.  In that vein, you have to give Cecile Richards some credit. She's successfully leveraged the outsized myth of her Mother in the minds of the TLSPM to convince them to accept her side of the story without question.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and the Paid Pakistani IT scammers. Andrew C. McCarthy - What should be a HUGE political scandal, but isn't.

This feels like a big deal.  And it encompasses many Democratic Senators and Representatives, all who paid out-sized salaries to these people who were possibly funneling the money to anti-US interests in Pakistan, and possibly stealing US secrets to boot.  Not-amazingly, the media has gone silent on this. While the Washington Post likes to tell you that "Democracy Dies in Darkness" they've made it pretty clear that there's only one type of Democracy that they're worried about killing off. Also, in a sane world Wasserman-Schultz wouldn't be able to win an election for dog-catcher.

Metro re-thinking shared rail lanes downtown. Dug Begley, ($$$) - You might be about to lose even MORE traffic lanes in Downtown Houston.

On another note, it appears that Houston has officially ceded all of it's transportation planning to Metro board member Christof Spieler. This is the man that is responsible for the terrible "reimagining' of bus service that has deprived many who were transit dependent of bus service in lieu of making Metro a ride-share service for the upper-middle class. The simple fact is that Metro Houston is NOT working, MetroRail is suffering, ridership is down and now the agency claims they want to bring the same level of service to the suburbs.  Generally I approve of 'outside-in' transit service but I think new leadership is needed at this organization desperately before they mess that up as well.

And finally..... - Current Lead: 16 games.

While I'm worried about the pitching of the Astros I'm not as concerned, as some, about their inability to land a front-line starter at the trade deadline.  I saw a graphic last night that the team was 7-7 over their last 14 games. In my mind the goal for the team should be to get the damn roster healthy.  The best "additions" to the Astros right now would be a healthy Carlos Correa, a healthy Lance McCullers, and a healthy and dealing Dallas Keuchel.  I still think the Astros have the best lineup in the major leagues. I think they will go far in the playoffs if the pitching staff they have can round into good health by the playoffs.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

BadPolitics: What we think moves the economy really doesn't.

I've got one more thing to say about the Chron's business columnist in regards to his column today, and then we'll mention him no more in the pages of this blog.

Indignation over economic conditions is righteous. Chris Tomlinson, ($$$)

Destroying economic blocs, canceling trade agreements, erecting border walls, sparking class wars and stoking tribalism will not improve the lives of Americans. Making imported goods more expensive, cutting exports, reducing immigration and waving the flag will not create jobs, improve our schools or make retirement more comfortable.
But neither will maintaining the status quo. Rather than ridicule the righteously indignant as ignorant or xenophobic, smart leaders must address their legitimate complaints about unresponsive government, worsening standards of living and an exploitative economic system. We need better schools, higher wages, affordable health care, campaign finance reform, more job training and greater opportunity for all.
Otherwise anger will rise, revolution will come, and the losses will be profound.

Of course, he writes all of this after ridiculing the righteously indignant and ignorant and xenophobic so there's that.

There's also the fact that none of his policy proposals is going to help.

The two states most often scrutinized in the Petri dish are Texas and California. For a few years, when oil and gas was booming, Texas had the marked advantage and the myth of the "Texas Miracle" was born. It allowed politicians of middling ability to rise to national prominence, made cultural rock stars out of middling-to-sub-par opinion writers and gave us Rick Perry, for better or worse depending on your view.

For years politicians would jump up and down and comment on "The Texas Way" and how we were successful not because some companies were finding new, inventive and relatively cheap ways to pull oil out of rock, but because politicians in Texas basically set back and let business work. It was Obama's "You didn't build that" from the "conservative" aisle.  And it was wrong.

Because now the world has more oil supply than demand and the oil business is struggling. On the flip-side California was struggling for years as their big industry (tech) struggled through a tough period of their own. California took the opposite tack and raised taxes on the middle class, basically taxing them out of the State.  Many went to Texas, and now find themselves unemployed.

What California did was maintain their upper class, who are largely employed in the tech industry and who are dragging the State along for the ride as innovation and sales are booming.  Suddenly it's the California politicians who are geniuses while the leadership in Texas is being painted with the moron brush.

Whatever your opinion of Dan "The Man who would be King" Patrick, the idea that his ham-fisted leadership in the Senate, his bathroom politics or his sanctuary cities bill has somehow led to the current financial downturn in the State is to give him too much credit.

There is no "correct" way to govern. From a pure policy perspective. The brilliant thing about America is that different states are allowed to govern in different ways and people can pick and choose where they wish to reside.  Granted, for many, the choices are somewhat limited (you don't see too many poor, minority people in the People's Republic of Vermont for example) but they are there.

Texas decided to offer a relatively light tax burden initially (something that has changed over time with the increases in fees and property taxes) which allowed for those in the lower-middle class to purchase things they liked, cars, homes, smart-phones, while California expanded the safety-net for the poor on the backs of the middle class, but left its influential upper-class relatively unscathed.

Despite what you might read, both States have a lot of poor people that reside within their borders. None of them, are doing "well" despite news that in California they are all getting a puppy and a BMW.

What we do know is how NOT to run a State. Example A is Illinois who is so broke they cannot pay attention right now.  In so-called "well-governed States such as California and Texas, the dire governance can be found at the municipal level (see Houston or Dallas as an example of this).

To my mind how each individual state sets their tax policy is somewhat irrelevant. What business wants is a clean, fair and simple regulatory system, and an easily implementable tax system that they can pass on to consumers. Outside of this they want the taxes on individuals to favor their chosen worker pool. This is the case in both California where highly skilled engineers do the heavy lifting and Texas where workers out in the field drive the economy.

Everything else is just whistling at a hurricane. Sure, the tune you are whistling might be the prettiest thing ever, but it's not going to make a dent in the power of the storm.  What California needs is for the tech industry to keep booming, what Texas needs is $60 oil. One of these is more likely to happen in the short term than the other. No government expenditure or restriction of rights is going to change this fact.

Campaign finance reform as an economic aid?


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

ChronBlog: It's getting pretty close to unreadable these days.

I'm becoming less a fan of the Chron's anti-business columnist Chris Tomlinson every day. Today's missive is a big reason why.

U.S. Economy fails to deliver on social progress. Chris Tomlinson, ($$$)

In the piece he goes on and on about healthcare (which he clearly confuses having access to with having insurance for), income redistribution and a host of other progressive wants.

He also ignores some pretty big pluses.  This is not to say that everything is perfect, of course it's not. The US economy is too ensnared with politics and the cronyism that it inevitably produces, and the markets are not entirely rational, but to say that the US is 'lacking in the social contract' is just not accurate.

We currently live in a country where the 'working poor' have smart phones, automobiles, housing and access to a wide-variety of goods and services that the poor do not enjoy in many areas of the globe. Is it hard to be poor?  You bet.  And increasingly, due in large part to unintended consequences from bad regulations and other factors, it's becoming increasingly difficult for the poor to be upwardly mobile financially.  The US infrastructure is crumbling due largely to government neglect (public works is a long-game that doesn't fit the political goals of politicians focused on trinkets) and their are some, not all, corporations who are (quite frankly) bad societal actors.

These are things that should be discussed, and are being discussed at length by better writers (including Kevin D. Williamson of the National Review who is Houston based) than Mr. Tomlinson.

America's economy has needs, and things that need to be fixed. Raising taxes and increasing entitlements is not the answer.  but Mr. Tomlinson continues to beat that dead horse over and over again.

As such, I recommend you don't pay much attention to him, and find different sources for your economic continuing education.   You'll be better off for it, trust me.

As a matter of fact, I'm to the point that I'm checking in on what the Chron has to say less and less. I've been hard on them for years, wishing they would do more local reporting and continually being disappointed by the content they produce (with the rare exception).

At this point I think it's time to let my subscription lapse. Except for Sunday coupons and BBQ grill kindling I really see no use for them.

Which is sad.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

TXLV: Odd Responses to Abbott's Call for a Special Session.

So, Greg Abbott has decided that the Texas Legislature needs to come back and try again on some of the many things they didn't get accomplished the first time around....

Abbott Pleases Conservatives with Wide-Ranging Call for Special Session. Mike Ward. ($$$)

The responses to him doing so

House Democrats echoed the sentiment that the governor is trying to appease conservatives who criticized Abbott's performance in the regular session. "I'm not sure why we need a Governor Abbott when we have a Governor Patrick," tweeted state Rep. Gene Wu, D-Houston.
"After providing zero leadership and interest during the regular session, the governor is clearly panicking and trying to shovel as much red meat as he can to his right-wing tea party base," said state Rep. Chris Turner of Grand Prairie, the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. 
What the Dems don't make clear here is why it's OK for them to march in some kind of odd ideological lock-step but it's not OK for the Republicans to do so?

I don't get that critique at all.

Here you have Abbott, who campaigned for Governor as a conservative-type and who beat the pink tennis shoes off of progressive wunderkind Wendy Davis calling a special session over the Summer that's going to first address some key business, and then address issues important to the GOP base who elected him.

And this is odd to some?

Rep Gene Wu, who's alleged antics were discussed here. Has positioned himself as the Texas Democratic clone of Donald Trump on Twitter. No issue is too small, no take too bad for him to opine on. He has no filter, and to be honest, not much of a clue regarding voter preference in a solidly red State.

"Why do we need a Governor Abbott?"  Because he campaigned on a platform that the voters overwhelmingly accepted. That he is now making that platform a priority should not surprise. Nor should it be treated as a "gift to 'ultra-right wing' activists" in Texas. (In reality, issues such as the bathroom bill and abortion restrictions, while infuriating to the left, are not all that controversial on right side of the political aisle.

Just because you don't agree with something doesn't mean that it's controversial, the TLSPM would do themselves a favor by remembering that.  As a matter of fact, ALL media would do themselves a solid by remembering it.

Think back to the Affordable Care Act.  It was passed on a 100% partisan vote and signed into law. Lawsuits were filed against it, many bills were filed to repeal it, yet it was never called a "controversial" act at almost any level of media. That word is only reserved for issues which the progressives and their courtesan class cronies deem 'evil'.  The bathroom bill is certainly partisan, and I've no doubt it will pass under partisan pretenses, as will abortion restrictions and, for that matter, property tax reform.

But when the Texas GOP is winning state-wide elections by 60% or more I hardly think the issues they are running on are all that 'controversial'.  Whether I personally agree with some of them or not.

On this, and other blogs, I've long bemoaned the horrible state of both the media coverage in Texas, and the lack of ideological depth possessed by the minority opposition party.  Sadly, over the 15 plus years that I've been tracking it it's only gotten worse, not better. The Lock-Step media is more homogeneous and smaller in influence, than ever before, and the Democrats have devolved to the point where their ideological North Star is a State Representative from the Houston area whose Tweets more closely resemble "Deep Thoughts with Jack Handy" than they do any coherent political ideology.

How bad are things?  It's still considered OK to quote Molly Ivins for Crissakes. One of the most overrated political writers that ever put letters to paper.  When your coup de grace is calling George W. Bush "Shrub"?  No.

Lastly. There's going to be some talk about the "cost" of this session and hand-wringing and crying from both the TLSPM and the Left.  Don't buy it.  The same people who are bemoaning this cost will in the next breath try and argue for a full-time legislature that would be almost exponentially more expensive to the State.

The less these idiots are hanging around Austin the better off we all are.

And that should be a bipartisan area of agreement.

Friday, June 02, 2017

USLV: We are losing our collective minds.

If I've said this once I've said it a million times.

I did not vote for Donald Trump, I'm not a fan of Donald Trump and I don't support a lot of what he's doing while President.

If you're on the left side of the political aisle none of that is going to matter to you because of what I'm about to say.

What Kathy Griffin is going through right now is not a violation of her free speech rights, nor is it "bullying" nor is it some type of artistic crisis.  Nor should anyone feel any special obligation to defend her. 

We've known for a long time that the media has a tenuous relationship with free speech. (Many, not all, of them view the 1st amendment as applying to the press ONLY and not to the cattle-class) And we know that politicians of all ideological stripes tend to agree with political speech that defends their political aims while supporting the silencing of speech that runs counter to their platform.

So it's not a great surprise that the courtesan class is starting to rally around Ms. Griffin.  Good for them.

Nor should Ms. Griffin be thrown in jail, or otherwise punished by the government of the United States of America.  THAT would be a violation of her 1st amendment rights* (which the media will deem she has as a comedian) which should not stand.

You don't punch Nazi's, you don't ban rallies by the Alt-right and you don't arrest comedians for doing stupid things that aren't funny.

But that doesn't mean that said speech comes without consequences.

And Ms. Griffin is feeling those consequences right now.  In short, she has committed temporary career suicide. For a time she'll be a pariah unable to do much in the way of productive work while she, and the left-leaning media, work overtime to try and rehabilitate her image (ProTip: Keep Jim Carey far, far away from your defense).  

Once some time has passed however the left will forgive, as they do, and she'll be back doing whatever it was she did before, but there will probably be a much, much smaller audience for her. Think of the Dixie Chicks, post Natalie Maines England melt-down, except with even less talent.

The problem is that a very large part of humanity thinks that free-speech is the exclusive providence of their side.  You can't offer an opinion if you don't believe in anthropogenic climate change and you can't have a say if you don't think the Catholic Church should have to offer insurance plans that cover abortion. If you believe in a deity you are not allowed to speak in the public square etc. From the other side everyone from Planned Parenthood should be arrested, the GLBTQ community should zip it and anyone who does not speak English should "leave America" (never mind that America doesn't have an official language, but that's another post)

And yes, each side can list a litany of offenses, while ignoring the offenses of their side, usually on Twitter, which they think is proof of case that the other side is 'in the wrong' while they walk the pristine path of free speech righteousness.  This is a lie, of course, because both the left and the right suffer from the same version of selective speech suppression as the other.

Most of us will go back to work on Monday and this will be just a small diversion in our daily lives. Probably more than anyone has thought about Kathy Griffin in a long time.  The politicians and their courtesans in the media and 'activist' groups will continue to go on and on about the stupid 'artistic' decisions of a Z-list comedian who most people couldn't pick correctly out of a police line-up.

The United States is being led off the cliffs of insanity by a rather small group of low-functioning idiots whose only talent seems to be to get the screaming horrors every time they see something coming from the other side.

The best solution to this:  Change the channel, mute all mentions of them on Twitter, don't comment on your friend's Facebook post and, should you see them in person, turn around and walk away.

You can't reason with them. It's like explaining physics to a pig.

Goodbye Ms. Griffin, don't feel the need to notify me when you emerge again on the public scene. Truth be told I didn't really pay attention to you before.  As a matter of fact, most Americans didn't.

It's to our shame then that, from that perspective, you actually might have won this round.

Shame on us.

*although a cursory investigation by the Secret Service would not be. Provided they don't arrest her.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

A Must Read: Crony capitalism and other tales related to the #HALV

I found this on a friend's (Kevin, from BlogHouston) Pinboard feed and wanted to make sure that it received the widest distribution possible.

This is a case study in how local, elected officials conspire with local "civic leaders" to thwart economic development in a specific area to the benefit of certain political cronies.

Civic Club leaders, Government officials attempt to block restaurant shopping center redevelopment efforts. Jim

Civic Club leaders, Government officials attempt to block restaurant shopping center redevelopment efforts. (Part II)

The author, the former president of the Sharpstown Civic Association, details the behind-the-curtain alleged dealings between Democratic State Rep. Gene W (HD-137) and various donors to his campaign who are attempting to use all levels of Texas state and local government to thwart the business plans of one, non-donor, small business owner.

It's a cautionary tale about the dangers of crony-capitalism, and evidence that the system itself needs a gigantic overhaul.

It also sheds some light on the alleged bad-governing of a local State official who gets a pass, and is generally treated as the smartest guy in the room, by local media due to his marriage to Miya Shay, City Hall beat reporter for KTRK (Channel 13).

Rep. Wu was allegedly so intent on killing this business that he was willing to pass a bill relating to open containers that could have been potentially damaging to both craft-breweries and certain stores in Texas that fill beer growlers and how close you came to breaking a new law should the bill have passed.

If you wonder why certain areas are blighted, this is a good read.  It also illustrates the danger of not knowing the real politics and goings-on of your local elected officials, and the danger of the local news not following local politics at all (which is the case in Houston).

It should be noted that, while the politician in this case is a Democrat, shenanigans of this type occur at all levels of Texas government regardless of party affiliation. It also is further evidence of the continuing existence of the Houston Area Leadership Vacuum.

I'm sure Mr. Wu and the other primary actors in the case have their own side of the story, and should I see it published elsewhere I'll be sure to link to it here.

Until then.  Please read.